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Formed in 2008, NADN is America’s foremost professional organization for experienced mediators and arbitrators practicing in the field of civil & commercial conflict resolution. All Academy members are distinguished by their commitment to excellence in the field of dispute resolution, and enjoy sterling reputations within the profession.

Membership is by invitation only - based on peer nominations and due diligence research in each state, under the guidance of our state committees. Once identified, nominees are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet our practice requirements. We’ve been proud to collaborate with the national defense bar (DRI) and trial bar (AAJ) associations in these litigation firm research efforts over the last decade.

With members now in every state of the nation, NADN is delighted to make our roster available online, at no cost, to legal staff. Firms can simply search by state rosters via our Member Directory, or perform a more detailed Neutral Search to seek mediators or arbitrators with particular case/industry expertise or qualifications.

Uniquely, NADN allows law offices to expedite scheduling by encouraging our members to post their Available Dates Calendars online, allowing more than 20000 law firms each year to expedite the scheduling of over 100,000 cases annually.

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