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There is clear demand from litigation attorneys, corporate counsel, adjusters and individual parties to know more specific information about a given neutral: their ADR services and experience, qualifications & certifications, language skills, dispute areas in which they have substantial legal expertise, and so on.

It is the Academy's view that firms and parties seeking an experienced ADR professional to help resolve their dispute should have access to the best neutrals in each state AS REVIEWED BY THE LOCAL LITIGATION COMMUNITY. Further, the Academy charges no consulting fee, nor takes a share of the attorney's fees, unlike panels or private firms. Simply contact the Academy member's office directly by calling, or scheduling a meeting online.

There are 2 easy ways to check dates for your local Academy neutrals (saving HOURS of scheduling telephone tag!)

If you have just ONE particular date in mind for your meeting:
Simply visit the NEUTRAL SEARCH page and select your state and beneath that your preferred available date (along with other criteria such as whether you require a mediator or arbitrator, etc.) then hit the Search button at the bottom of the form. This will generate a list of only those members available on your preferred calendar date.

If you have several dates that might work:
Visit the NEUTRAL DIRECTORY map, and click your preferred state to pull up a complete list of all local neutrals. At the bottom of that roster page is a large button saying "SEARCH THESE NEUTRALS FOR YOUR PREFERRED DATE". Click that to go to our DateSelector tool, which will allow you to cross-reference available dates for all these members by clicking on the calendar on the left. You can then view the bios of these members or just click directly on the Request Date link to send an email to that member's office.

Most Academy members make their available dates online for the benefit of clients such as yourself. If you wish to send a request for a mediation/arbitration to a particular member, just click any of the available (blue) dates on that member's online calendar, and a Date Request form will pop up. Once the Date Request form has been filled in (including choice of time slots, your contact info and the name of the case) simply hit the Submit Request button at the bottom. A copy of this form is then routed straight to the member AND his/her designated scheduling staff, and you'll immediately receive a notice via email. In week day office hours, you can generally expect an email or phone response within the hour.

Simple - just click on the NEUTRAL SEARCH option up on the top menu and you'll see the first option allows you to enter the last name of the attorney; just enter that and hit the Search button. Alternatively, if you know which state he/she is based in, just visit the NEUTRAL DIRECTORY page and click that state to view a full list of local Academy Fellows. (You can pull up similar state roster information by visiting the MEMBER ROSTER page, at the footer of the website).

Generally, NO - members of the Academy have been selected mainly in recognition of their excellence in the resolution of disputes within the civil/commercial arena, and typically most such cases involved high stakes dollar amounts. If you are looking for a mediator to handle your divorce case, your best course is to contact your local State Bar and ask if they keep a roster of locally qualified/certified family mediators.

Membership is by invitation only - the Academy thoroughly surveys litigation firms and related trial lawyers and defense associations in each state to identify only the most widely-acceptable neutrals. Any interested professionals are welcome to contact us directly but only if they are quite certain that they meet our listed formal criteria and believe they might receive nominating votes from their peers.

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