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Texas's premier mediators

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The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals is a national association whose membership consists of attorneys distinguished by their hands-on experience in the field of commercial conflict resolution, and by their commitment to methods of alternative dispute resolution. 

Membership is by invitation only, and limited to mediators and arbitrators who are well established as trusted neutrals amongst the legal community within their state of practice. All Academy members have been found to meet stringent practice criteria and are amongst the most in-demand ADR attorneys in their respective states, as voted by both local peers and litigation firms.

The following 65 Texas mediators are recognized as Members of the Academy...

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Silverberg, Bud Silverberg ADR Addison
Bayer, Karl Mediator, Arbitrator, Court Master, & Technical Advisor Austin
Bourgeois, Greg Lakeside Mediation Center Austin
Collins, Tom Mediator - Arbitrator Austin
Cunningham, Ben Lakeside Mediation Center Austin
Galton, Eric Lakeside Mediation Center Austin
Jury, Jeff Burns Anderson Jury & Brenner, L.L.P. Austin
Keel, Patrick Patrick Keel, Mediator-Arbitrator Austin
Mitchell, Thomas Wright & Greenhill Austin
Schless, Michael Attorney/Mediator Austin
Van Osselaer, Paul Van Osselaer Dispute Resolution PLLC Austin
Ducote, Daniel Strong Pipkin Bissell & Ledyard, L.L.P. Beaumont
Thompson, Greg Greg Thompson - Mediator Beaumont
Lehrman, Andy Anderson, Lehrman, Barre & Maraist, L.L.P. Corpus Christi
Abrams, Jeff Abrams Mediation & Arbitration, Inc. Dallas
Akin, Ted Mediator - Arbitrator - Special Judge Dallas
Bryant, Corbet Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal, LLP Dallas
DeGroote, John DeGroote Partners, LLC Dallas
Duvall, Suzanne Burdin Mediations Dallas
McCullough, Mike McCullough Mediation Dallas
Nolland, Christopher Offices of Christopher Nolland Dallas
Pryor, Will Will Pryor Mediation & Arbitration Dallas
Rubenstein, Kenneth Burdin Mediations Dallas
Wolovits, Mel Burdin Mediations Dallas
Antcliff, Chris Antcliff Mediation El Paso
Chalk, John Whitaker, Chalk, Swindle & Sawyer, LLP Fort Worth
Dennie, Christian Barlow Garsek & Simon, LLP Fort Worth
Elliott, Kay Elliott Mediation Fort Worth
Hughes, John John W. Hughes P.C. Fort Worth
Krugler, Beth Beth Krugler Mediation Fort Worth
McMullen, Wade McMullen Law Firm Fort Worth
Abrams, Jeffry Attorney/Mediator Houston
Brice, Robins Brice Mediation Houston
Calvillo, David Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry Houston
Fry, Terry Terry G. Fry P.C. Houston
Hoover, Jerry ADR TEXAS Houston
Huston, Nancy Attorney - Mediator Houston
Matthiesen, David Attorney - Mediator Houston
McGowan, Gary McGowan Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Houston
Perin, Susan Attorney - Mediator - Arbitrator Houston
Proctor, Tommy W. Thomas Proctor, PC Houston
Ramos, Dion The Ramos Law and Mediation Firm Houston
Selig, Louis Selig ADR Houston
Soussan, Susan Susan. S. Soussan P.C. Houston
Wardell, Ronald Ronald Wardell, P.C. Houston
Wilk, Michael Hirsch & Westheimer Houston
Wooldridge, John Former District Judge - Mediator - Arbitrator Houston
Zimmerman, Alvin Zimmerman, Axelrad, Meyer, Stern & Wise, P.C. Houston
Hoerster, Pamela The Hoerster Mediation Firm League City
Murchison, Dirk Murchison Law Lubbock
McLain, Scott McAllen Mediation Center McAllen
Nelson, Steve SureTecADR Plano
Boyce, John Boyce ADR San Antonio
Brin, George Brin & Brin P.C. San Antonio
Casseb, Joe Goode Casseb Jones Riklin et al San Antonio
Philbin, Don Donald R. Philbin, Jr., P.C. San Antonio
Pozza, Dan Pozza & Whyte, PLLC San Antonio
Rios, Roberto Rios Legal Group, PLLC San Antonio
Shelton, Wade Shelton & Valadez San Antonio
Smith, Tommy Law Office of Thomas J. Smith San Antonio
Specia, John Plunkett, Griesenbeck & Mimari, Inc. San Antonio
Speedlin, Phylis Dykema San Antonio
Mercy , John Mercy Carter LLP Texarkana
Cornelius, William Wilson, Robertson & Cornelius, P.C. Tyler
Lemons, William William H. Lemons, P.C. Tyler



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