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2010 member retreat

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Presented by the faculty of 
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JW MARRIOT GRAND LAKES, Orlando, FL - Aug 5-7, 2010

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The Academy held its inaugural Training Retreat for members on Aug 5-7th 2010. 

This 2 day course exclusively featured faculty of the American Institute of Mediation (AIM), including preeminent ADR trainers Lee Jay Berman (AIM/Pepperdine), Doug Noll (AIM), Erica Ariel Fox (Harvard PON) and Mel Rubin (Miami University). The event was attended by around 70 practitioners from Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Iowa, and was a resounding success - photos from the event posted below!

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Attendee Testimonials

"Quite simply the single best ADR seminar I have attended. Period."
- John S. Freud, Mediation Solutions Inc, Miami, FL 

"Congratulations - I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation for a truly outstanding and extremely valuable conference. I can't wait to attend the encore next year!"
- Brian Spector, Esq. Miami, FL 

"The NADN Conference is really the only opportunity to spend a weekend with fellow professionals who are at the peak of the mediation world. A great way to elevate the level of your mediation practice while enjoying the company if like-minded mediators, some of whom are legends in our profession."
 - Mark E. Becker, Tallahassee, FL 

"What a worthwhile, cutting-edge program. Thank you to the NADN and your speakers for a Donít Miss It event filled with new ideas, tools and strategies for us to move to the next level."
- Stephen G. Fischer, W. Palm Beach, FL 

"The NADN Advanced Training Seminar provided a refreshing look at new techniques and shared experiences from nationally acclaimed mediators respected as preeminent. With a unique blending of borrowed principles from neuro-linguistics and martial arts, it doesn't get any more 'high level' than this!"
 - Murray B. Silverstein, Tampa, FL

"The NADN Seminar was outstanding in every respect. Having advanced instruction coupled with learning from our peers provided a unique opportunity. Thanks for your efforts in organizing this, it really paid off!"
 - David M. Zacks, Atlanta, GA 

"This truly was an advanced mediation training program and FAR more advanced than any other so-called ďadvancedĒ program I have ever attended. Remarkable content, I look forward to next year!"
 - Richard T. Alexander, Duluth, GA 

"First, please let me send along my congratulations for an event well done! The seminar itself was quite outstanding and one of the best I have ever attended."
 - Herbert H. Gray III, Atlanta, GA 

"Training beyond the initial Certification type course is really not so easy to find. This one was perfect. Highly recommended to experienced mediators, the AIM faculty members were excellent."
 - Reagan H. Weaver, Raleigh, NC 

"This was an eye-opening seminar for experienced mediators. I have a new set of tools to solve seemingly intractable problems and settle the most difficult cases! The faculty members were superb."
 - Kenneth M. Byrum, Bakersfield, CA 

"I certainly recommend the NADN Advanced Training Seminar for upper level training by nationally known speakers and presenters. Strongly researched, experience proven techniques for overcoming collateral obstacles to fair and timely settlements. A great 2 days of nugget-laden advice and advanced settlement techniques coupled with the opportunity to trade practical tips and pointers with leading mediators."
 - Hon. Sidney S. Eagles, Raleigh, NC 

"I noticed something before that I had not seen at ANY previous conference: Usually people tend to huddle into familiar groups at these types of events, but I noticed a very high degree of collegiality and gregariousness among all of the participants! Nobody was standing off in a corner, looking lost. The NADN annual conference was truly superlative Ė packed with truly valuable information and insight and presented by world-class, well prepared trainers in an exciting and inspiring flow."
 - Rodney Romano, W. Palm Beach, FL

"After two days of attendance at the Advanced Mediation Training Seminar I was so inspired as to immediately spend time organizing the wealth of information, suggestions and inspiration garnered over the course of the seminar. Invaluable and exceedingly efficacious."
 - Charles Carter, Gainesville, FL

"I thought the seminar was truly outstanding. Lee Jay, Doug, Mel, and Erica were all entertaining, interesting people in themselves, hugely enlightening, and down to earth and practical, all at the same time. And each of their presentations gave me lots of new things to think about regarding other people and myself that I hadnít considered before in my 35-plus years of practice as a lawyer and 13-plus years as a mediator. I was so mind-boggled by the end that I drove the 2-1/2 hours home in silence while my inner voices jumped from one part of the seminar to another, disagreeing about or debating what they had each heard, felt or seen. I was totally exhausted by the time I got home. Sign me up for next year!"
 - Terrance E. Schmidt, Jacksonville, FL

 "Simply the most valuable seminar (CME or otherwise) Iíve attended in the last 25 years."
 - John Dorough, Ocala, FL

"The Advanced Mediation Training Seminar was the best program for experienced mediators that I have ever taken in my 21 years as a mediator. The outstanding trainers presented all-new techniques never revealed before in any other program Iíve attended. The new skills I learned will pay huge dividends in my future work. Thank you to the Academy for this great learning experience!."
 - Cary Singletary, Tampa, FL

"The presentations were both informative and entertaining. The techniques discussed provide the experienced mediator with an improved ability to resolve both routine and difficult cases."
 - David Luff, Orlando, FL 

"The 2 day NADN seminar was very worthwhile. Lee Jay Berman, Doug Noll, Mel Rubin and Erica Ariel Fox were all dynamic speakers who held your interest throughout the two days. Each was extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. I have mediated cases since 2003; my background is as a civil trial lawyer primarily in the construction field. I feel I can put much of the information received in this seminar into immediate use to improve my techniques as a mediator."
 - William G. Christopher, Sarasota, FL 

"Please allow me to thank you for the excellent NADN event held in Orlando. The Academy surpassed my expectations in content, training, location and amenities. I would certainly recommend this training event to anyone interested in furthering their skills, and I look forward to attending the 2011 event when and where it is scheduled."
 - Michael J. Schofield, Pensacola, FL 

"The 2010 NADN Conference was very interesting and informative. I enjoyed the experience, particularly with regard to the practical application of the concepts presented."
 - Gary S. Salzman, Orlando, FL 

"The inaugural NADN conference was very well done! The instruction was of the highest quality and properly geared to the audience of experienced mediators. I will certainly plan on attending next year."
 - Justice Kenneth B. Bell, Pensacola, FL 

"Finally, a mediation conference geared towards advanced techniques to improve, enhance and affirm the skills of the full time mediators to help us better equip parties and lawyers to make wise, informed decisions in mediations. Sign me up for the next conference...whenever, wherever - Iíll be there!"
 - Michael D. Smith, Pensacola, FL

"The NADN Seminar was an outstanding presentation; truly for practitioners who think and work at a higher level. We are fortunate to have access to such exceptional trainers and be able to network with other mediators at the top of their game"
 - Kim W. Torres, Melbourne, FL

"Prior to the NADN Seminar, I cannot remember the last professional conference I attended where I received more than I gave. The seminar gave me incredible learning opportunities; I have already applied to my practice several of the techniques discussed by the fine speakers. I found the speakers to be knowledgeable, interesting and quite engaging. Additionally, the facility was above par. Well done!" 
 - Christopher M. Shulman, Tampa, FL

"I have attended just about every mediation program under the sun, and absolutely none have reached the level of our first annual NADN conference. The presenters as well as the content were absolutely first rate. I won't miss the chance to attend next year."
 - Hon. John P. Kuder, Gulf Breeze, FL

"This advanced mediation training was so transformational for me that now, two weeks after the conclusion of the seminar, I am still reviewing my notes and manual to reflect further upon the techniques and resources presented. I have done a number of mediations since the seminar and have incorporated some of what I learned already. This was undeniably an advanced level seminar. Attendees were able to have reinforced various principles and techniques that they intuitively knew something about but were not really able to quantify. The instructors from AIM were outstanding. I am really looking forward to the next NADN advanced seminar!"
 - Michael W. Drye, Asheville, NC

"I have attended a number of negotiation training courses up at Harvard, and this compared very favorably. I'd certainly recommend it to colleagues and I hope to attend again next year..."
 - James F. Page, Jr., Orlando, FL

"...I really appreciated the fact that it was aimed more at more experienced mediators and was certainly very helpful in adding more arrows to my quiver to get cases settled. Thanks for your help with this - terrific seminar!"
 - Jim Stewart, Atlanta, GA


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