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The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals is an invitation-only professional association whose membership consists of mediators & arbitrators distinguished by their hands-on experience in the field of civil & commercial conflict resolution, and by their commitment to the practice of alternative dispute resolution. 

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NADN was established in 2008 following a conference of the committees of several statewide associations, including the Florida Circuit-Civil Mediator Society; the California Academy of Distinguished Neutrals; the North Carolina Academy of Superior Court Mediators; the Georgia Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators and the Tennessee Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators. Members of these associations are all recognized as Charter Members of NADN.  

With over 900 members throughout the United States as of 2017, the NADN is the most extensive public roster of experienced ADR attorneys available online. The Academy makes our roster of litigator-rated mediators and arbitrators available at no cost to visitors - simply search our website for professionals with the pertinent case experience, ADR expertise, or by preferred region. The Academy's members can be contacted directly, or scheduled online, with no consulting or administrative fees charged.

There is clear demand from attorneys, corporate counsel, adjustors and individual parties to know more specific information about a given neutral: their experience, qualifications & certifications, language skills, the types of litigation they have previously successfully mediated/arbitrated, and so on. Our Academy website allows visitors to find the most experienced ADR professionals, as widely approved by local litigation firms, and expedites the scheduling process for both mediators/arbitrators and their clients.

In May 2013, both the DRI (Defense Research Institute, www.DRI.org) and AAJ (American Association for Justice, www.Justice.org) approved NADN as an industry partner (see Press Release). NADN continues to sponsor both organizations, promoting the NADN roster to their combined membership of over 40,000 litigators via ongoing advertising in their flagship national publications. The DRI's national website includes a 'bespoke' version of the NADN database, the DRI Neutrals Database (news link). NADN also put in place a survey process which, every few years,  allows us to assess which civil mediators and arbitrators are most widely acceptable to both the plaintiff and defense bars in each state. From this extensive data from 2013-2015, NADN was able to expand our roster to include members every state in the nation, as of 2016, including 35 formalized State Chapters. 


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